Shopping For An Espresso Maker

Since Christmas is around the corner and I am a selfish little prick, I decided to go gift shopping for myself. Yes this was me wanting to reward myself for all the things I’ve been through this year. So I shopped around and got a few cute outfits.

A break up, two deaths and an accident was more than enough drama for the year. The one thing that really made me happy this year was all the money I spend on cups of drinks~Beer and Coffee. So since I had a 6pax in the fridge, I wanted to get some coffee. This was exactly when I saw an ad on the tele about some half-assed barista making magic using an espresso maker at home. It was appalling. I thought that there was no way in hell that you’d be able to get a store grade espresso made in the comfort of your own home.

Kim’s Creation

How wrong I was. I went over to Kim’s house the other day and she had this fancy espresso machine that she got. She told me that it was about $300 and it made amazing cups of coffee. She offered me a cup of Latte that she made using that weird contraption. And truthfully, it was pretty darn good. I was impressed. So I went home, turned on my laptop and hoped to find the best espresso maker i n the market that I could afford. That meant it would be $400 or less.

The only machine that I found with a whole lot of good espresso machine reviews was the Gaggia Classic. I decided to give it a try. It was $350 and I added a burr grinder to grind them fresh beans up. It all came to a grand total of $397.87. I got it from amazon and waited for it to be shipped over. I’ll update you guys with my initial reaction when I get them. See ya.

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