Gaggia Classic Impressions


WORST CUP OF COFFEE *illustration*

I can’t believe what I’ve done. I may have just wasted $397.87. The first cup of coffee made using my Gaggia Classic sucked. That was what I wanted to say but the espresso machine was perfect. My skills on the other hand was not. I may have used to few beans or may have ground it too fine or maybe I didn’t use enough force while tampering it.

I found this video on YouTube and followed it. Surprisingly, my second cup of espresso tasted amazing. This time I measured my beans. The grind i got fit perfectly in my portafilter. Unlike my first try. Next, I evened the grinds and tampered it. I made sure not to grind the beans too fine and after letting my machine prime for about 10 minutes. I released some steam and placed the portafilter in its slot.

The brew that came out had a strong aroma and a thick crema. Those 20g of beans I used were perfect for the double shot espresso I was making. It was certainly mind boggling to realize how much money I had wasted on Coffee all these time. Well, No More. I’m going to be my own barista.

I’m going to test out different beans and pre-ground coffee powder, the fineness of the grind and maybe I’m even going to start messing around with milk based beverages like lattes. I’ll be sure to update all of you on all the twists, turns and wild rides my quest takes me on. Since I’ve spend close to $400 bucks on this I better not waste it. So my journey begins *cue Pokemon theme song*.

The sad part is going to be the espresso machine cleanup. I haven’t even figured out how to do that yet. I better get to it. Bye Folks.

Shopping For An Espresso Maker

Since Christmas is around the corner and I am a selfish little prick, I decided to go gift shopping for myself. Yes this was me wanting to reward myself for all the things I’ve been through this year. So I shopped around and got a few cute outfits.

A break up, two deaths and an accident was more than enough drama for the year. The one thing that really made me happy this year was all the money I spend on cups of drinks~Beer and Coffee. So since I had a 6pax in the fridge, I wanted to get some coffee. This was exactly when I saw an ad on the tele about some half-assed barista making magic using an espresso maker at home. It was appalling. I thought that there was no way in hell that you’d be able to get a store grade espresso made in the comfort of your own home.

Kim’s Creation

How wrong I was. I went over to Kim’s house the other day and she had this fancy espresso machine that she got. She told me that it was about $300 and it made amazing cups of coffee. She offered me a cup of Latte that she made using that weird contraption. And truthfully, it was pretty darn good. I was impressed. So I went home, turned on my laptop and hoped to find the best espresso maker i n the market that I could afford. That meant it would be $400 or less.

The only machine that I found with a whole lot of good espresso machine reviews was the Gaggia Classic. I decided to give it a try. It was $350 and I added a burr grinder to grind them fresh beans up. It all came to a grand total of $397.87. I got it from amazon and waited for it to be shipped over. I’ll update you guys with my initial reaction when I get them. See ya.